2.18.2020 – W30RC Directors Featured on Leadership St. Tammany Affordable Housing Breakfast Series

Two of our Board Directors were featured speakers for the recent Leadership St. Tammany Alumni Foundation Breakfast Series held on February 18th at Benedict’s Plantation.  The program, “The Challenge of Affordable Housing in St. Tammany Parish” included Bryan Burns, Executive Director who spoke about our work in the West 30’s area, and Shiloh Moates, W30RC Director and Founding Partner at msh Architects who spoke about design and construction elements of affordable housing.  The speaker panel also included Keth Cunningham and Janel Young with Louisiana Housing Corporation, Jeff St. Romain with Habitat St. Tammany West and Victor Smeltz with Volunteers of America/Renaissance Development Corporation.  Ross Richardson, W30RC Board President moderated the program and noted, “As St. Tammany Parish grows and prospers, those favorable issues bring with them challenges in serving all of the Parish’s residents. Affordable housing continues to be one such challenge.”  The program addressed the problem of affordable housing in our area, highlighted some creative solutions that are being implemented by non-profit groups and governmental agencies to address the problem, and showed the audience what affordable housing really is and what it actually looks like.  Over 125 LST Alumnus and guests attended the event including several other W30RC Board members.  Bryan added, “While our work is focused on helping families in the West 30’s neighborhood, we recognize that the problem of affordable housing is all around us, and we were happy to add our voices to the ways in which our communities can address this challenge.”